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Living Faith is a collection of periodicals and books from Bayard Faith Resources that provides a comprehensive resource for supporting faith and prayer life. Our publications are designed to help you go deeper with God and grow in your spiritual journey.

Grace in the Wound

Finding Hope in Long-Term Grief
Kathy Hendricks

In this sensitive new book, best-selling author Kathy Hendricks examines the long-range effects of unacknowledged and unresolved grief. Beginning with a look at the meaning of grace and how it emerges from even the deepest wounds, Hendricks demonstrates how the heart often mellows through the long-term process of grieving, allowing grace to move us into gratitude and hope. 

Softcover • 96 pages • $14.95 + shipping • Code 857406 Click here for more

Spring Prayer Pack

Give your summer a prayerful focus with all-new prayer cards. These fresh designs compliment traditional Catholic prayers. Use them at home, or share them as encouragement with friends, family and other loved ones. Also included are devotional resources that draw inspiration from Psalm 23 and John 3:16, beloved verses that have been a source of God’s everlasting hope and comfort for generations of believers. 

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Holding God’s Hand

Meditations to Relieve Stress, Worry and Fear
Eddie Ensley and Robert Herrmann

Best-selling authors, deacons Eddie Ensley and Robert Herrmann, offer an antidote to our culture of anxiety and stress. In this new book, the authors guide the reader through one-on-one conversations with God. Rooted in the best practices of spiritual direction and filled with warm reflections and comforting, compassionate prayers, this meditative book is like a long exhale after a stressful day—and a timely reminder of God’s cherished love.

Softcover • 112 pages • $14.95 + shipping • Code 857437 Click here for more

Did Jesus Really Exist? And 51 Other Great Questions

Nikolaas Sintobin, S.J.

Does suffering make sense? Where is Jesus now? Why are there such great differences between Christians? Everyone has questions about faith and religion. Here, Jesuit priest and author Nikolaas Sintobin, S.J., offers clear, concise answers that are free of jargon and take just minutes to read. Each answer is followed by references to related questions for deeper reflection and discussion. 

Softcover • 112 pages • $12.95 + shipping • Code 856959 Click here for more

The Sacraments

Lesson helps, resources, and activities for busy catechists

A valuable resource for catechists and religion teachers—with a host of articles from the writers of Seven chapters on the seven Sacraments with: 

  • infographics for quick reference on each sacrament 
  • in-depth features explaining sacramental theology
  • tips on how to teach each sacrament to children and youth
  • saint biographies connecting with each sacrament
  • sample lessons and activities 
  • bonus content 
Softcover • 100 pages • $8.95 + shipping • Code 857475 Click here for more

Pocket Book of Saints

Their Words and Wisdom

The Pocket Book of Saints: Their Words and Wisdom is a keepsake collection of the lives of the saints and their wisdom on themes such as faith, hope, prayer, peace, mercy and social justice. What makes the saints extraordinary people is that by uniting them selves to the will of God their lives became bigger than what they could be on their own. May these brothers and sisters in Christ help us to transform our own lives into something extraordinary!

Softcover • 80 pages • $7.95 + shipping • Code 857284 Click here for more

365 Hopeful Devotions for Catholics

Daily Moments with God
Various authors from Living Faith

This is a collection of some of the most beloved devotions from our quarterly publication Living Faith for every day of the year. Hope-filled topics and experiences related to the various struggles that Catholics may face are explored from a Christian perspective. As always, Living Faith’s page-a-day devotions apply Scripture as a starting point, and reflections seek to lead readers to prayerful moments with God. An excellent gift idea for family, friends, prayer groups, staff or volunteers! 

Softcover • 384 pages • $18.95 each + shipping • Code HD3 Click here for more

365 Devotions for Catholic Women

Daily Moments with God
Various authors from Living Faith

Grow closer to the Lord every day of the year with this special treasury of devotions that speaks especially to women. Enriching, thoughtful and prayerful reflections written by your favorite Living Faith authors address the unique challenges and joys that women face in the world today. Those joys and challenges are celebrated here in a format that will both encourage you and strengthen you all year long. 365 Devotions for Catholic Women is a unique Catholic resource that serves as an ideal gift, for yourself or others. It will enrich your prayer life, helping you to keep the Word of the Lord foremost in your mind.

Softcover • 384 pages • $18.95 each + shipping • Code CW2 Click here for more

The Gospels for Young Catholics

Featuring the language of the Good News translation of the Bible, The Gospels for Young Catholics provides the complete text of all four Gospels in an easy-to-use and instructional format and explains the lectionary’s Gospel readings through the year. Includes colorful resource pages featuring the beliefs, prayers and practices of the Catholic faith and pullout bookmarks to help young readers, ages 7-13, locate their favorite parables and more. A great gift for families! Perfect as a first communion gift and an accompaniment for children that strengthens their knowledge and love of the Gospels.

Flex cover • 224 pages + book mark inserts • $16.99 + shipping • Code PGW-5602 Click here for more

Christ-Filled Moments

150 Devotions for Your Walk of Faith
Mark Zimmermann


Encounter Christ in everyday moments. Every day is filled with moments when we encounter Christ in interesting and unusual ways or in circumstances we might not expect. Keeping your eyes open to the presence of Christ in your everyday walk of faith is what these 150 devotions explore. Practical and Scripture-based, these thoughtful and uplifting words of wisdom draw you closer to understanding the central role Christ plays in your daily living.

Devotions include inspirational observations, Scripture and a reflection question.

Softcover • 150 pages • $18.95 + shipping • Code CFM Click here for more

Living with Real Presence

Eucharist as an Approach to Life
S. James Meyer

In this transformation new book, best-selling author S. James Meyer introduces us to a whole-life encounter with the living Christ, awakening a fresh awareness that the Eucharist is about life, love and relationship. Living with Real Presence reminds us that our lives, Christ’s life and all lives are united in a sacred communion with our Creator and creation. Ideal for personal reflection or small group discussion.

Softcover • 128 pages • $14.95 + shipping • Code 857185 Click here for more

“Let’s Talk About...” Faith & Family Convo-Cards

Spark family table talk and make memories together—these versatile cards are the gift that has everyone talking! Use 17-card set any time—around the table, on a trip, out running errands—whenever you find a few minutes to fill. Includes 3 Convo Sets, 4 placemats and a table tent as a reminder to keep the conversation going.


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Living Faith provides brief daily Catholic devotions based on one of the Mass readings of the day. Published new each quarter, these reflections are written by women and men from a variety of backgrounds - lay people as well as clergy and religious. Learn more.

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