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Living Faith is a collection of periodicals and books from Bayard Faith Resources that provides a comprehensive resource for supporting faith and prayer life. Our publications are designed to help you go deeper with God and grow in your spiritual journey.

Live Like You Mean It: Reimagining Your Purpose and Vocation

S. James Meyer

This new book from S. James Meyer suggests that we have been conditioned to approach vocational discernment backward, asking the question, “What do you want to do?” before we ask the very sacred questions such as “Who am I?”, “What gifts and passions do I have?” and “How am I called to develop and deploy those gifts and passions in service to God’s people?”

Lessons About God Kids Can See

Msgr. Dermont R. Brennan

The lessons in this book from Msgr. Dermont R. Brennan are filled with ideas for use in class, at home, for children’s Liturgy of the Word or children's homilies.

Topics include the Sacraments, liturgical seasons and core Catholic teachings in fun and interactive ways. Each lesson includes background information, a list of props needed and a script for the leaders to use. Children will love and learn from all the fun activities, including drawings, puzzles, games, crafts and even magic tricks.

The Seven Catholic Epistles: Faith, Hope, and Love

Threshold Bible Study
Stephen J. Binz

In this latest book from the popular Threshold Bible Study series, Stephen J. Binz introduces the “pillars” of the early Church: James’, Peter’s and John’s collection of letters that serves as a complementary, non-Pauline apostolic witness for believers today.

Living Faith Prayer and Devotion Bundle

Two brand new devotionals are paired with a customer favorite! A Treasury of Living Faith honors 40 years of Living Faith, and Living Bread was inspired by the ongoing National Eucharistic Revival in the U.S. In addition, Prayers for Catholics offers the perfect pocket-sized complement:

– A Treasury of Living Faith: 40 Years of Daily Catholic Devotions
– Living Bread: A 40-Day Devotional Celebrating the Eucharist
– Living Faith Prayers for Catholics

Treasury of Living Faith Anniversary Bundle

Love reading and praying with Living Faith? Celebrate 40 years of the magazine with this keepsake duo of devotionals:

– A Treasury of Living Faith: 40 Years of Daily Catholic Devotions (48 pages)
– 365 Hopeful Devotions for Catholics (384 pages)

Everyday Faith Kid's Bundle

Always be equipped for any and every question a curious child can muster as he or she learns and grows in faith! This pack features coloring books, trivia cards, prayer guides and a booklet of helpful answers to common theological questions from young Catholics. Ideal for parents, teachers and parish workers looking to nurture lifelong devotion and love to God and the Church.

Reading God's Word 2025, Binder Version

Keep the daily and Sunday Mass readings at your fingertips! Designed for each date of the liturgical year, Reading God’s Word helps Catholics follow the daily worship of the Church in a simple, comprehensive and convenient form. Perfect for anyone needing ready access to all daily and Sunday Scripture readings for Church Year C, 2025. The Church’s official New American Bible lectionary texts for Mass are presented in an easy-to-read format.

Reading God’s Word is an ideal aid for lectors, for homily preparation, classroom use and school liturgies. It is also the perfect companion for Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotions. Alternate Readings are included for some Sundays and feast days.

Reading God's Word 2025

Daily and Sunday Mass Readings Church Year C - 2025

Keep the daily and Sunday Mass readings at your fingertips! Designed for each date of the liturgical year, Reading God’s Word helps Catholics follow the daily worship of the Church in a simple, comprehensive and convenient form. Perfect for anyone needing ready access to all daily and Sunday Scripture readings for Church Year C, 2025. The Church’s official New American Bible lectionary texts for Mass are presented in an easy-to-read format.

Reading God’s Word is an ideal aid for lectors, for homily preparation, classroom use and school liturgies. It is also the perfect companion for Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotions. Alternate Readings are included for some Sundays and feast days.

Living Bread

A 40-Day Devotional Celebrating the Eucharist

“Do this in memory of me.” – Jesus

These familiar words from Jesus, based in Scripture and recalled at every Mass during the Eucharistic Prayer, are the reason for this 40-day devotional celebrating the Eucharist. Living Faith, long treasured for its daily Catholic devotions based on the readings of the Mass, is happy to publish this booklet within the same time frame that the U.S. Bishops of the Church are inviting us to deeper knowledge and love for the Eucharist through revivals locally in each diocese and nationally with a Eucharistic Congress in 2024. This special edition of Living Faith reflections is devoted to Jesus in the Eucharist: Living Bread. Penned through the decades by numerous Living Faith authors past and present, Living Bread invites readers to increase their love and devotion to the Eucharist. Inside, you’ll walk with writers whose love for the Word of God is matched by their belief that the true Living Bread—Jesus Christ, the Word-Made-Flesh—is the food that fuels a vibrant living faith.

Perfect to start at any time of the Church Year, this perennial page-a-day devotional may be read whenever a reader wishes to dive in! 

A Treasury of Living Faith

Celebrating 40 Years of Daily Catholic Devotions

40 years in the making...A Treasury of Living Faith offers inspirational reading—from the past to the present—from the pages of one of most popular and beloved periodicals, Living Faith: Daily Catholic Devotions. Born in St. Louis in 1985, and now known around the world, this small-sized but mighty page-a-day devotional based on a Scripture verse from the Mass every day of the year has strengthened the faith of readers for four decades and counting. Whether you’re a longtime loyal reader, or brand new reader to Living Faith, this is your opportunity to own this limited-edition, keepsake Treasury.

Living Faith Prayers For Catholics

Living Faith: Prayers for Catholics is a compilation of over 100 Catholic prayers brought to you by Living Faith: Daily Catholic Devotions staff. This book features the often-requested Morning and Evening Prayers featured in Living Faith for over 25 years, plus seasonal prayers, contemporary prayers for special circumstances, family prayers and prayers from the saints and Scripture. There are also dozens of traditional Catholic prayers—including the Prayers of the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, mealtime graces and prayers for Eucharistic Adoration.

First Communion Set

Order this special value collection for every First Communicant and provide the book Celebrating Your Child's First Communion for the parent. Two Living Faith Kids sticker books - Praying the Mass & Receive - help children learn and understand the Mass and the sacraments, preparing them to receive this awesome sacrament. The finished and personalized banners can be used during your First Communion celebration.

Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Bernadette Bundle

Bernadette of Lourdes’ encounter with the Blessed Virgin Mary has fascinated millions for years. With this bundle of prayers and reflections, Catholics of all ages can reflect and share in the joy of that holy moment.

– Praying with St. Bernadette of Lourdes devotional booklet
– Meet Saint Bernadette sticker booklet
– Full of Grace: My Marian Book of Daily Prayers

We Lift Them Up to the Lord

A Prayerbook for Catholic Grandparents
Lorene Hanley Duquin

This handy little book of prayers is the perfect way for grandparents to stay connected to their grandchildren. From the time of their birth to well into adulthood, a lifetime of prayer is an ongoing gift of love and support. Here, you will find prayers for nearly every occasion in the lives of your grandchildren – prayers for receiving the sacraments, prayers for illness or struggle, prayers for making and keeping friends, and more. Write your grandchildren’s names in the front of this book and keep it by your bedside for daily prayer.

Are You Good Enough Yet?

A Book for Perfectionists and All Who Try Too Hard or Worry Too Much
Fr. Joe Kempf

Wouldn’t it be great to live without that anxious pit in our stomachs; to have a sense of peace and safety instead of feeling like there is always more we must do, more people to please, more arenas where we must prove ourselves?  The good news is that even now we can come to a place of deeper peace and greater freedom. In this much-needed book, beloved pastor and author Father Joe Kempf assures us that we are worthy of that peace and that we are indeed good enough just as we are.

Unforgettable Women of the Gospel

8 Unnamed Women in Scripture and Their Encounters With Jesus
Melanie Rigney

The woman at the well. The woman healed by a touch. The widow at Nain. We know them only by where they were or what they did. But Jesus knew them. He knew all about them—just as he knows about us. This eight-lesson Bible study, suitable for individual or group use, delves into each woman’s possible emotions before the encounter, and what lessons we can learn from them. Journaling prompts and discussion questions are included for each lesson.

Living Faith Kids Booklet Pack

This unique pack of Living Faith Kids books are designed to travel lightly while creatively engaging children to learn stories of the Bible and faith concepts. The pack includes 10 different full-color titles: 8 sticker books and 2 booklets that together offer inspiration from saints as holy examples to follow this Lent and answers to questions on doctrine that children might have. Great for ages 6-12.

All Softcover • $12.95 + shipping • Code STBM9 Click here for more

Hanging Onto Hope

Reflections and Prayers for Finding “Good” in an Imperfect World
Melannie Svoboda

Author Melannie Svoboda helps us open our hearts to hope, even in the darkest of times. She explores the relationships between hope and faith, love, courage, prayer, pain and sorrow, making this book a source of healing during hard times.

Softcover • 128 pages • $12.95 + shipping • Code 853293 Click here for more

Never-Ending Love

Sharing Stories, Prayers and Comfort for Pregnancy and Infant Loss
Anne Louis Mahoney

In this long-awaited resource edited by Anne Louise Mahoney, a range of voices offers their perspectives on how faith can offer support, hope and healing for those grieving the loss of a child before, during or soon after birth. This book can help couples express and remember their never-ending love for their beloved child, who will always have an important place in their hearts and their lives.

Softcover • 128 pages • $18.95 + shipping • Code 857741 Click here for more

Parables of Jesus

Threshold Bible Study
Stephen J. Benz

The parables of Jesus are designed to shake us up, to shock, confront, provoke, and inspire us. Each parable works differently, and each must be studied separately to determine its significance, how it functions, and how it calls its readers to respond. Explore a variety of parables in this new Threshold Bible Study offering—each empowering us to think, teach and act like Jesus did, to accept his new vision of the world and to participate wholeheartedly in the new life he offers.

Softcover • 144 pages • $12.95 + shipping • Code 857765 Click here for more

A Time of Blessings and Peace

30 Mini-Retreats to Celebrate the Retirement Years
William B. Miller

This gem of a book is written for those who are at or near retirement age, and is a tool to be used for reflecting upon their lives, celebrating their joys, considering their legacies, and striving to grow ever closer to God. Author William Miller’s approach to retirement is uniquely spiritual, as he combines 30 “mini-retreats” which include reflection questions, Scripture references and music suggestions for deeper prayer. The perfect resource for parish adult formation groups or personal faith growth.

Softcover • 72 pages • $12.95 + shipping • Code 857789 Click here for more

A Magician, a Priest and an Astrologer Travel to Bethlehem

An Ignatian Gospel Story Sampler
Dan Daly

In this anticipated follow-up to Jesus and the Barbecued Fish Breakfast, Fr. Dan Daly offers another collection of stories from the life and teachings of Jesus. Gospel stories enable us to know Jesus more clearly and love him more dearly because stories capture the spirit, desires and personality of Jesus better than a description or explanation ever could. Reimagined in Fr. Daly’s own words, this story sampler includes many familiar Scripture stories and some that are less well known. Reflections on each story are included, making this book the perfect companion for small-group study or personal, spiritual reading.

Softcover • 128 pages • $16.95 + shipping • Code 857444 Click here for more

My Bible Story Pack

Bring the Bible to life! These activity sheets feature Biblical scenes and characters for cutting and folding. Children learn from doing, seeing and retelling classic Bible stories. Also includes trivia cards, a sticker book and a pop-up calendar. For ages 5-12.

$9.99 + shipping Code CLB147 Click here for more

Saints and Prayer Pack

From sticker books to trivia cards, this faith formation collection is perfect for every Catholic home and fun for every family. Prayers are explained so children learn to follow along in Mass. These saint resources teach about real people who shared their faith and encourage us to do the same. For ages 5-12.

$9.99 + shipping • Code CLB146 Click here for more

Reading God's Word 2024

Daily and Sunday Mass Readings, Church Year B • 2024

Reading God’s Word is the perfect companion for Living Faith and a handy resource for the daily and Sunday Scripture readings for Mass for the liturgical year—in one volume. Ideal for personal prayer, study and reflection. Reading God’s Word is an ideal aid for lectors, for homily preparation, classroom use and school liturgies. Alternate Readings are included for some Sundays and feast days.

Softcover • 736 pages • $18.95 + shipping • Code RGW24 || Also available: 8½” x 11” loose-leaf version in a binder • $39.99 + shipping • Code RGX24 Click here for more

Feasts of the Church Year

Celebrating Our Faith Together!
Élodie Maurot, Charlotte Roederer

There are many Christian holidays throughout the year. What is their origin and their meaning? How are they celebrated in church and at home? This book helps children better understand and participate in the holy feasts of the liturgical year.

Softcover • $9.95 each + shipping Click here for more

The Sacrament of Eucharist

Celebrating the Gift of Jesus!
Anne-Sophie du Bouëtiez, Aurélie Abolivier

For more than 2,000 years, Christians have come together to relive the Lord’s holy meal. They have thanked God and fed on his Word and his Body and Blood in the Eucharist. This book explains the meaning of the Mass and explores these origins, which are anchored in the Old Testament.

Softcover • $9.95 each + shipping Click here for more

The Sacrament of Baptism

Becoming Part of God's Family!
Élodie Maurot, Maud Riemann

Children have many questions about Baptism. What is it? Who can be baptized? What does it mean to become a Christian? Who are these Christians? Who is this Jesus Christ who guides their lives? Intended for those who wish to be baptized, this book helps children discover the meaning of this first sacrament.

Softcover • $9.95 each + shipping Click here for more

The Sacrament of Confirmation

Receiving the Holy Spirit!
Anne-Sophie du Bouëtiez, Anne Hemstege

Who is the Holy Spirit? How does the Holy Spirit work in the lives of Christians? How do we prepare to receive the Holy Spirit? This beautifully illustrated book puts the Holy Spirit, often misunderstood, in the heart of the Christian faith. It explains how, in the tradition of the Church, the Holy Spirit leads to wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of the lord.

Softcover • $9.95 each + shipping Click here for more

The Sacraments

Lesson helps, resources, and activities for busy catechists

A valuable resource for catechists and religion teachers—with a host of articles from the writers of Seven chapters on the seven Sacraments with: 

  • infographics for quick reference on each sacrament 
  • in-depth features explaining sacramental theology
  • tips on how to teach each sacrament to children and youth
  • saint biographies connecting with each sacrament
  • sample lessons and activities 
  • bonus content 
Softcover • 100 pages • $8.95 + shipping • Code 857475 Click here for more

Pocket Book of Saints

Their Words and Wisdom

The Pocket Book of Saints: Their Words and Wisdom is a keepsake collection of the lives of the saints and their wisdom on themes such as faith, hope, prayer, peace, mercy and social justice. What makes the saints extraordinary people is that by uniting them selves to the will of God their lives became bigger than what they could be on their own. May these brothers and sisters in Christ help us to transform our own lives into something extraordinary!

Softcover • 80 pages • $7.95 + shipping • Code 857284 Click here for more

Christ-Filled Moments

150 Devotions for Your Walk of Faith
Mark Zimmermann


Encounter Christ in everyday moments. Every day is filled with moments when we encounter Christ in interesting and unusual ways or in circumstances we might not expect. Keeping your eyes open to the presence of Christ in your everyday walk of faith is what these 150 devotions explore. Practical and Scripture-based, these thoughtful and uplifting words of wisdom draw you closer to understanding the central role Christ plays in your daily living.

Devotions include inspirational observations, Scripture and a reflection question.

Softcover • 150 pages • $18.95 + shipping • Code CFM Click here for more

Living with Real Presence

Eucharist as an Approach to Life
S. James Meyer

In this transformation new book, best-selling author S. James Meyer introduces us to a whole-life encounter with the living Christ, awakening a fresh awareness that the Eucharist is about life, love and relationship. Living with Real Presence reminds us that our lives, Christ’s life and all lives are united in a sacred communion with our Creator and creation. Ideal for personal reflection or small group discussion.

Softcover • 128 pages • $14.95 + shipping • Code 857185 Click here for more

365 Devotions for Catholic Women

Grow closer to the Lord each day of the year with this special selection of devotions that speaks especially to women. Enriching and prayerful reflections address the unique challenges and joys facing women today.

List Price: $ 18.95 As low as: $ 16.95 Click here for more

365 Hopeful Devotions for Catholics

Enjoy a daily dose from our Lord and inspired writers of Living Faith. This devotional collection, pulled from the most beloved Living Faith quarterly magazine, presents hope-filled topics for today’s Catholics. Readers resonate

with these shared struggles and experiences explored from a Christian perspective. As always, Living Faith’s page-a-day devotions apply Scripture as a starting point, and reflections seek to lead readers to prayerful moments with God.

List Price: $ 18.95 As low as: $ 16.95 Click here for more
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