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Living Faith is a collection of periodicals and books from Bayard Faith Resources that provides a comprehensive resource for supporting faith and prayer life. Our publications are designed to help you go deeper with God and grow in your spiritual journey.

Advent Prayer Pack, 2023

This year’s Advent Prayer Pack features the devotional booklets, The Light of Grace: Welcoming God's Amazing Gift of Christ and Open Before Christmas: Daily Ways to Open Your Heart From Advent Through Epiphany, an Advent calendar card, as well as seasonal prayer cards, and a metal ornament and coin. Makes an affordable gift pack for friends and family. Valued at $10.

$8.99 + shipping • Code AP23 Click here for more

Christmas Card Collection, 2024

Each card in this set of Christian greeting cards for Christmas has a unique, colorful style. Includes two of each card. Ten assorted cards total, packaged with matching envelopes.

Interior text on each card in collection:

  1. His love in your heart, his peace in your soul and his joy in you always! Isaiah 9:6
  2. Christ the child is Lord of all! Christmas Joy! Galatians 4:4
  3. Peace, good will to you this Christmas. John 1:14
  4. Jesus fills our lives with LOVE! Jeremiah 31:3
  5. Peace! This Christmas and throughout the coming year. Psalm 126:3
$9.99, 2 or more sets $8.99 each • Code 52S Click here for more

Absolutely Advent! 2023 (Teen)

Getting Ready for Christmas 2023, Year B
Chris Broslavick and Tony Pichler

An invaluable resource for parishes, families and schools. No time of the year is more exciting for children than the days leading up to Christmas. Now Absolutely Advent! booklets can give them a new understanding of what the expectation and excitement, the celebration and joy are all about.

Age-appropriate activities include Scripture reflections, journaling and an activity connecting the Scripture to teens’ lives—plus weekly “green” activities focused on protecting God’s Creation.

Softcover • $7.95 + shipping • Code HTP-A233 Click here for more

Absolutely Advent! 2023 (Intermediate)

Getting Ready for Christmas 2023, Year B
Jean Larkin

An invaluable resource for parishes, families and schools. No time of the year is more exciting for children than the days leading up to Christmas. Now Absolutely Advent! booklets can give them a new understanding of what the expectation and excitement, the celebration and joy are all about.

Daily reflections on Scripture and activities highlight Jesus’ family tree—the Jesse Tree—from Adam and Eve through King David and Solomon to Mary and Joseph.

Softcover • $7.95 + shipping • Code HTP-A232 Click here for more

Absolutely Advent! 2023 (Primary)

Getting Ready for Christmas 2023, Year B
Jean Larkin

An invaluable resource for parishes, families and schools. No time of the year is more exciting for children than the days leading up to Christmas. Now Absolutely Advent! booklets can give them a new understanding of what the expectation and excitement, the celebration and joy are all about.

A page a day, from the First Sunday of Advent to December 24, provides young people with each day’s Gospel message and a related game, puzzle or activity. Levi the Lamb returns for another year with his adventures in verse.

Softcover • $7.95 + shipping • Code HTP-A231 Click here for more

2023-2024 Family Liturgical Pack

Prepare your family for the new liturgical year! This family collection includes 2023-2024 Living with Christ Sunday Missal, Sunday Missal for Young Catholics and a Catechist Liturgical Year Classroom Calendar (11" x 16").

$20.00 + shipping • Code FLTPCK24 • Click here for more

Living Faith Gift Set

Start your day the Living Faith way! This themed gift set includes a mug, pen and journal citing Luke 2:19. This useful collection provides a thoughtful, extra-special gift to accompany Living Faith readers on their daily journey with Christ.

Bundle • $15.99 + shipping • Code LFBUN Click here for more

Parables of Jesus

Threshold Bible Study
Stephen J. Benz

The parables of Jesus are designed to shake us up, to shock, confront, provoke, and inspire us. Each parable works differently, and each must be studied separately to determine its significance, how it functions, and how it calls its readers to respond. Explore a variety of parables in this new Threshold Bible Study offering—each empowering us to think, teach and act like Jesus did, to accept his new vision of the world and to participate wholeheartedly in the new life he offers.

Softcover • 144 pages • $12.95 + shipping • Code 857765 Click here for more

A Time of Blessings and Peace

30 Mini-Retreats to Celebrate the Retirement Years
William B. Miller

This gem of a book is written for those who are at or near retirement age, and is a tool to be used for reflecting upon their lives, celebrating their joys, considering their legacies, and striving to grow ever closer to God. Author William Miller’s approach to retirement is uniquely spiritual, as he combines 30 “mini-retreats” which include reflection questions, Scripture references and music suggestions for deeper prayer. The perfect resource for parish adult formation groups or personal faith growth.

Softcover • 72 pages • $12.95 + shipping • Code 857789 Click here for more

A Magician, a Priest and an Astrologer Travel to Bethlehem

An Ignatian Gospel Story Sampler
Dan Daly

In this anticipated follow-up to Jesus and the Barbecued Fish Breakfast, Fr. Dan Daly offers another collection of stories from the life and teachings of Jesus. Gospel stories enable us to know Jesus more clearly and love him more dearly because stories capture the spirit, desires and personality of Jesus better than a description or explanation ever could. Reimagined in Fr. Daly’s own words, this story sampler includes many familiar Scripture stories and some that are less well known. Reflections on each story are included, making this book the perfect companion for small-group study or personal, spiritual reading.

Softcover • 128 pages • $16.95 + shipping • Code 857444 Click here for more

My Bible Story Pack

Bring the Bible to life! These activity sheets feature Biblical scenes and characters for cutting and folding. Children learn from doing, seeing and retelling classic Bible stories. Also includes trivia cards, a sticker book and a pop-up calendar. For ages 5-12.

$9.99 + shipping Code CLB147 Click here for more

Saints and Prayer Pack

From sticker books to trivia cards, this faith formation collection is perfect for every Catholic home and fun for every family. Prayers are explained so children learn to follow along in Mass. These saint resources teach about real people who shared their faith and encourage us to do the same. For ages 5-12.

$9.99 + shipping • Code CLB146 Click here for more

Reading God's Word 2024

Daily and Sunday Mass Readings, Church Year B • 2024

Reading God’s Word is the perfect companion for Living Faith and a handy resource for the daily and Sunday Scripture readings for Mass for the liturgical year—in one volume. Ideal for personal prayer, study and reflection. Reading God’s Word is an ideal aid for lectors, for homily preparation, classroom use and school liturgies. Alternate Readings are included for some Sundays and feast days.

Softcover • 736 pages • $18.95 + shipping • Code RGW24 || Also available: 8½” x 11” loose-leaf version in a binder • $39.99 + shipping • Code RGX24 Click here for more

Feasts of the Church Year

Celebrating Our Faith Together!
Élodie Maurot, Charlotte Roederer

There are many Christian holidays throughout the year. What is their origin and their meaning? How are they celebrated in church and at home? This book helps children better understand and participate in the holy feasts of the liturgical year.

Softcover • $9.95 each + shipping Click here for more

The Sacrament of Eucharist

Celebrating the Gift of Jesus!
Anne-Sophie du Bouëtiez, Aurélie Abolivier

For more than 2,000 years, Christians have come together to relive the Lord’s holy meal. They have thanked God and fed on his Word and his Body and Blood in the Eucharist. This book explains the meaning of the Mass and explores these origins, which are anchored in the Old Testament.

Softcover • $9.95 each + shipping Click here for more

The Sacrament of Baptism

Becoming Part of God's Family!
Élodie Maurot, Maud Riemann

Children have many questions about Baptism. What is it? Who can be baptized? What does it mean to become a Christian? Who are these Christians? Who is this Jesus Christ who guides their lives? Intended for those who wish to be baptized, this book helps children discover the meaning of this first sacrament.

Softcover • $9.95 each + shipping Click here for more

The Sacrament of Confirmation

Receiving the Holy Spirit!
Anne-Sophie du Bouëtiez, Anne Hemstege

Who is the Holy Spirit? How does the Holy Spirit work in the lives of Christians? How do we prepare to receive the Holy Spirit? This beautifully illustrated book puts the Holy Spirit, often misunderstood, in the heart of the Christian faith. It explains how, in the tradition of the Church, the Holy Spirit leads to wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of the lord.

Softcover • $9.95 each + shipping Click here for more

The Light of Evening

Meditations on Growing in Old Age
Gunilla Norris

“Sometimes in quiet moments I wonder, how did I get to be this old?” With this universal question, best-selling author, spiritual master and recent octogenarian Gunilla Norris invites us to join her on an enlightening exploration of growing older. A must-read for anyone entering the second half of life, The Light of Evening reminds us that aging offers the unique opportunity to wake up to what really matters and embrace the freedom and grace of living in the light of God’s love.

Softcover • 112 pages • $14.95 + shipping • Code 857024 Click here for more

Let This Be the Time

Spiritual Essentials for Life’s Second Act
Janet Schaeffler

The second half of life offers many opportunities for growth, discovery and new meanings. Janet Schaeffler, O.P., helps you explore them with wisdom, prayer and a deep sense of appreciation for who you are and who you are still becoming.

Softcover • 160 pages • $18.95 + shipping • Code 855594 Click here for more

Jesus and the Barbecued Fish Breakfast

A Gospel Story Sampler Inspired by the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
Dan Daly

In this immersive and expansive exploration of the Gospels, Fr. Dan Daly offers a fresh take on both the remarkable episodes from Jesus’ life as well as the delightful parables that he shared with the crowds. The stories are knit together in a simple chronology that provides movement and direction to the narrative as well as reflection questions for personal or group discussion. Whimsical illustrations by artist Thane Benson offer a modern view of these formative stories that we all know and love.

Softcover • 128 pages • $16.95 + shipping • Code 856379 Click here for more

Grace in the Wound

Finding Hope in Long-Term Grief
Kathy Hendricks

In this sensitive new book, best-selling author Kathy Hendricks examines the long-range effects of unacknowledged and unresolved grief. Beginning with a look at the meaning of grace and how it emerges from even the deepest wounds, Hendricks demonstrates how the heart often mellows through the long-term process of grieving, allowing grace to move us into gratitude and hope. 

Softcover • 96 pages • $14.95 + shipping • Code 857406 Click here for more

Holding God’s Hand

Meditations to Relieve Stress, Worry and Fear
Eddie Ensley and Robert Herrmann

Best-selling authors, deacons Eddie Ensley and Robert Herrmann, offer an antidote to our culture of anxiety and stress. In this new book, the authors guide the reader through one-on-one conversations with God. Rooted in the best practices of spiritual direction and filled with warm reflections and comforting, compassionate prayers, this meditative book is like a long exhale after a stressful day—and a timely reminder of God’s cherished love.

Softcover • 112 pages • $14.95 + shipping • Code 857437 Click here for more

The Gospels for Young Catholics

Featuring the language of the Good News translation of the Bible, The Gospels for Young Catholics provides the complete text of all four Gospels in an easy-to-use and instructional format and explains the lectionary’s Gospel readings through the year. Includes colorful resource pages featuring the beliefs, prayers and practices of the Catholic faith and pullout bookmarks to help young readers, ages 7-13, locate their favorite parables and more. A great gift for families! Perfect as a first communion gift and an accompaniment for children that strengthens their knowledge and love of the Gospels.

Flex cover • 224 pages + book mark inserts • $16.99 + shipping • Code PGW-5602 Click here for more

Living with Real Presence

Eucharist as an Approach to Life
S. James Meyer

In this transformation new book, best-selling author S. James Meyer introduces us to a whole-life encounter with the living Christ, awakening a fresh awareness that the Eucharist is about life, love and relationship. Living with Real Presence reminds us that our lives, Christ’s life and all lives are united in a sacred communion with our Creator and creation. Ideal for personal reflection or small group discussion.

Softcover • 128 pages • $14.95 + shipping • Code 857185 Click here for more

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