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Living with Christ

Living with Christ Special Bundle

Give the gift of inspiration!

A beautiful bundle of psalms and prayers, traditional and modern prayers and reflections to remind us that God is always by our side.Each booklet is 6.375” x 6”


• Softcover • 32 pages.



Get the collection for $19.95.

Justin and Mia Discoverthe Treasures of the Mass

Pflaum Publishing Group

Justin and Mia step inside a church and meet Father Martin, who invites them to

take part in the weekly celebration, saying,“Every Mass is like a treasure hunt.”

Join Justin and Mia as they eagerly searchfor the treasure and make the greatest

discovery of all!




Softcover • 40 pages • $8.95

My Little CatholicEncyclopedia

Pflaum Publishing Group

Answer your children’s questions about God,the Bible, the Church and more with My Little

Catholic Encyclopedia. With easy-to-read entries,as well as prayers, ideas for living the faith and more,My Little Catholic Encyclopedia is a must-have for Catholicfamilies.






Softcover • 160 pages • $14.95

Menopause Moments

Twenty - Third Publications

A Journal for Nourishing Your Mind,Body and Spirit in Midlife

In this thoughtful journal, Melanie Rigney offers nourishing reflections on the many facets

of menopause with honesty, understanding and a touch of humor. Includes a Scripture passage and aspark for reflection, prayer and action.





Softcover • 88 pages • $12.95

Jesus and the Barbecued Fish Breakfast

Twenty - Third Publications

A Gospel Story Sampler Inspired by the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

In this expansive exploration of the Gospels,Fr. Dan Daily offers a fresh take on both the

remarkable episodes from Jesus’ life as well as the delightful parables that he shared with the crowds.





Softcover • 128 pages • $12.95

On Retreat with Henri Nouwen

Twenty - Third Publications

Engaging Life’s Big Questions

This unique retreat experience encourages readers to profoundly reflect on five key questions

that Henri Nouwen himself wrestled with. Here, you will find points for reflection, prayer-pauses and prompts for engaging in your own spiritual quest.





Softcover • 176 pages • $19.95

Living Faith Gift Set

Creative Communication s for the Parish

Journal, Pen & Mug Collection

Extend the joy of daily devotions with the perfect companion to Living Faith magazine.Whether you start your day with coffer end it with tea, this gift set is a warm reminder for daily reading that encouragesjournaling thoughts and prayers.Buy one for yourself too! $20 Value






Advent Prayer Pack

Creative Communication s for the Parish

Best Seller! This year’s Advent prayer Pack features devotional and prayer booklets as well as seasonal bookmarks,litanies and a metalornament. Makes an affordable gift pack for friends and family. Components also sold separately. Over$10 value.







Code AP21 • $7.99

Christmas Card Collection

Creative Communication s for the Parish

Each card in this set of Christian greetingcards for Christmas has aunique, colorfulstyle. This collection includes a mixedassortment of 6 designs, 10 assorted cardstotal, packaged with matching envelopes.Use promo code P22LFB to get this exclusive price.






$7.50, 2 or more sets $6.50 each

365 Devotions for Catholic Women

Creative Communication s for the Parish

Grow closer to the Lord every day of the yearwith this special treasury of devotions that

speaks especially to women. Enriching and prayerfulreflections address the unique challenges and joys thatwomen face today.






Softcover • 384 pages • $16.95

365 Devotions for Catholics

Creative Communication s for the Parish

Inspiring and prayerful devotions for every dayof the year await readers of this unique Catholictreasury. This book will enrich your prayer lifeand assist you in keeping the Word of the Lord foremostin your mind and actions every day.







Softcover • 384 pages • $16.95

New!! 365 Hopeful Devotions for Catholics

Creative Communication s for the Parish

Enjoy a daily dose of hopefrom our Lord from the writers of LivingFaith. Hope-filledtopics and experiences related to the various struggles thatCatholics may face are explored from a Christian perspective. From some of the most beloved devotions from our quarterly publication, Living Faith.Use promo code P22LFB to get this exclusive price.




Softcover • 384 pages • $16.95

Reading God’s Word

Creative Communication s for the Parish

Daily and Sunday Mass Readings • Church Year C • 2022

The perfect companion for Living Faith readers, this is the most thorough and convenient resource of its kind. Includes all the daily and Sunday Mass readings for the liturgical year—in one volume. Alternate readings included for some Sundays and feast days.Use promo code P22LFB to get this exclusive price.



 Softcover • 720 pages • $16.99

Living Faith Prayers for Catholics

Creative Communications

Living Faith: Prayers for Catholics is a compilation of over 100 Catholic Prayers brought to you by our Living Faith: Daily Catholic Devotions staff. This book features the often-requested Morning and Evening Prayers featured in Living Faith for over 25 years, plus seasonal prayers, contemporary prayers for special circumstances, family prayers and prayers from the saints and Scripture. There are also dozens of traditional Catholic prayers - including the Prayers of the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, mealtime graces and prayers for Eucharistic Adoration.

Product Code: LPZ • Price" $12.99

365 Devotions for Catholic Women

Creative Communications

Grow closer to the Lord every day of the year with this special treasury of devotions that speaks especially to women. Enriching, thoughtful and prayerful reflections written by your favorite Living Faith authors address the unique challenges and joys that women face in the world today. Those joys and challenges are celebrated here in a format that will both encourage you and strengthen you all year long. 365 Devotions for Catholic Women is a unique Catholic treasury that serves as an ideal gift, for yourself or others. It will enrich your prayer life, helping you to keep the Word of the Lord foremost in your mind. As an undated resource, you can enjoy this book all year long and for years to come. Whether you read it each morning, evening or anywhere in between, this book is an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to foster a closer relationship with God and with each other.

Product Code: CW2 • Price: $16.95

365 Devotions for Catholics

Creative Communications

Inspiring, thoughtful and prayerful devotions for every day of the year await readers of this unique Catholic treasury. An ideal gift, for yourself or others, 365 Devotions for Catholics will enrich your prayer life and assist you in keeping the Word of the Lord foremost in your mind and actions every day of the year. Authored by the most popular writers from Living Faith: Daily Catholics Devotions such as a Sister Joyce Rupp and founding editor James Adams, this book is an ideal guide for anyone who wants to foster a closer relationship with God. The habit of daily prayer, prompted by Scripture and devotion, has been a long and rich tradition in the Church. This prayerful resource allows you to participate in that tradition all year long and for years to come, since the devotions are not date-specific. 

Product Code: TL5 • Price: $16.95

365 Hopeful Devotions for Catholics

Creative Communications

Need hope? Enjoy daily doses of hope from our Lord from the writers of Living Faith. This is a collections of some of the most beloved devotions from our quarterly publication Living Faith for every day of the year. Hope-filled topics and experiences related to the various struggles that Catholics may face are explored from a Christian perspective. As always, Living Faith's page-a-day devotions apply Scripture as as starting point, and reflections seek to lead readers to prayerful moments with God. An excellent gift idea for family, friends, prayer groups, staff volunteers, this book offers a peaceful reflection for every day of the year. Encourage the special people in your life in developing the habit of spending time daily with the Lord in scripture and prayer through Living Faith. 

 Product Code: HD3 • Price: $18.95

Reading God's Word 2022

Daily and Sunday mass Readings Church Year C - 2022
Creative Communications
Lectionary Readings

Featuring the exact passages for daily Mass for the entire liturgical year, Reading God's Word helps Catholics follow the daily worship of the Church in a simple, comprehensive and convenient form. Perfect for anyone needing ready access to all daily and Sunday Scripture Readings for Church Year C, 2022. The Church's official New American Bible lectionary texts for Mass are presented in an easy-to-read format. Reading God's Word is an ideal aid for lectors, for homily preparation, classroom use and school liturgies. It is also the perfect companion for Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotions. Alternate Readings are included for some Sundays and feast days. 


Product Code: RGW22 • Price: $18.95

Saints Who Transformed Their World

Word Among Us Press
Sherry Weddell

Be inspired by the stories of lay saints: women and men whom God has powerfully used as channels of his beauty, mercy, wisdom, healing and provision. Their inspirational ways of living their faith can help you to recognize your spiritual gifts and help you live every day as an intentional disciple. 


Softcover • 120 pages • $12.95 Click here for more

The Inner Chapel

Loyola Press
Becky Eldredge

Embracing the promises of God The Inner Chapel draws on the wisdom and practices of Ignatian spirituality and guides readers seeking an inner closeness and intimacy with God. The Inner Chapel demonstrates that a relationship with a loving God is available to all who seek it. 


Softcover • 224 pages•$15.95 Click here for more

5 Things with Father Bill

Hope, Humor, and Help for the Soul
Loyola Press
Father William Bryne

A fun, practical guide, 5 Things with Father Bill helps readers find meaning in everyday experiences, while recognizing that God can be found in life's simplest acts. 


Hardcover • 208 pages•$14.99 Click here for more

Listening for God

Discovering the Incredible Ways God Speaks to Us
Sophia Institute Press
Teresa Tomeo

Popular Catholic author and radio host Teresa Tomeo has gathered an inspiring collection of such "Godcidences" from her life, as well as personal stories from a variety of Catholics - including broadcasters Joan Lewis, Al Kresta and Steve Ray, and authors Greg and Julie Alexander - of the unmistakable ways God has spoken to them. 


Softcover • 240 Pages• $17.95 Click here for more

Christ in the Storm

An Extraordinary Blessing for a Suffering World
Ave Maria Press
Pope Francis, John L. Allen Jr., Timothy P. O'Malley

As he calmed the storm at sea, Jesus reproached the apostles for their lack of faith. On March 27, 2020, Pope Francis used the gospel passage as a sign of God's blessing, forgiveness and healing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Holy Father offered hope to the world from an empty St. Peter's Square. Christ in the Storm gathers color photos, readings, the pope's homily and blessing to explain the symbolism and history throughout the event. 


Hardcover • 104 pages • $19.95 Click here for more

Wisdom From the Psalms

Ignatitus Press
Peter J. Kreeft

In this work, Peter Kreeft focuses on a dozen of the best-know psalms, including Psalms 23 and 51. He leads the reader through his personal explorations of this deep ocean of divinely inspired spiritual water, pulling up treasures for the soul along the way. 




Softcover • 243 pages • $17.95 Click here for more

Unleashing the Power of Intercessory Prayer

Sophia Institute Press
Joseph Hollcraft

This inspiring book walks you through nine key steps to boosting your intercessory prayer's power and efficacy. Each step is paired with practical tips to help you implement the principle in your daily life, a patron saint to provide direction and encouragement on your journey, and questions to guide meditations and journaling. 


Softcover • 160 pages • $14.95 Click here for more

Monuments, Marvels, and Miracles

Our Sunday Visitor
Marion Amberg

America's got faith! You'll find it in every state - in grand cathedrals and tiny chapels, in miracle shrines and underwater statues, and even in blessed dirt. Finding these sacred places hasn't been easy - until now! This book takes you to more than 500 of country's most intriguing holy sites, each with a riveting story to tell. 

Softcover • 240 pages

Softcover • 240 pages • $27.95 Click here for more

The Catholic Family Book of Prayers

Our Sunday Visitor
Jerry Windley-Daoust

Do you want to introduce your kids to the richness of the Christian prayer tradition? the best way to do that is to pray with them. The Catholic Family Book of Prayers is packed with prayers, blessings, meditations, saintly wisdom and artwork - all selected specifically for Catholic families to pray together. 


Softcover • 96 pages • $14.95 Click here for more

Bless Us, O Lord

Ava Maria Press
Robert M. Hamma

Bless Us, O Lord belongs on the shelf of every Catholic family that wants to pray together daily. You can introduce children to original and traditional blessings, the lives of the saints, the rhythm of the Church year and the practice of daily prayer in a way that is both appealing to them and a means to unite your whole family.


Softcover • 224 pages • $17.95 Click here for more

Bless My Grandchild

Julie Dortch Cragon

Bless My Grandchild is a follow-up to Julie Cragon's bestseller, Bless My Child, and combines original and traditional prayers and devotions that will help you place the joys and worries you experience as a grandparent in the hands of God.


Softcover • 192 pages • $14.95 Click here for more

Love My Neighbor Collection

Creative Communications for the Parish

Pope Francis has chosen this time to issue a new encyclical, Fratelli Tutti: ON Fraternity and Social Friendship, acknowledging the perils of both our divisions and isolation and urging us to build and rebuild relationships, not just in our homes and neighborhoods, but between nations all over the world. 

Henri Nouwen's Art of Living Series

A Series Based on the Insights from a Spiritual Master
Chris Pritchett and Majorie Thompson

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the death of beloved author and spiritual master Henri Nouwen, this new series embraces five of his most essential teachings. Each 32-page booklet breaks open Henri's words and places them in today's context, offering fresh understanding and insight for both newcomers and long time followers alike. Perfect for personal meditation, the series is also crafted for group study and sharing, with questions for reflection and meaningful conversation, including a handy guide for facilitators. Now more than ever, the church and the world need fresh perspective.

Dinner Party with the Saints

Woodene Koenig-Bricker

Welcome to a dinner party in heaven. With a charming blend of imagination and historical detail, Wooodene Koenig-Bricker, best-selling author of 365 Saints, invites you to get to know the saints in food and fellowship.

Product Code: DPWH

Meditations After Holy Communion

Fr. Edward Looney

Fr. Edward Looney offers a method of prayer that is sure to renew within you the practice of fruitful Eucharistic prayer. Guiding you each Sunday with meditations tied to the liturgical year, your prayer will not only be aligned with Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Ordinary Time, but also with the universal Church, now and throughout the ages. 

Product Code: MAHC

Being Catholic

What Every Catholic Should Know
Suzie Andres

Being Catholic: What Every Catholic Should Know is intended for both Catholics and converts - who want to know more about the Catholic Faith and culture. Author Suzie Andres covers the sacraments, the Mass and the liturgical year, the Bible and Tradition Mary and the saints, and much more. 

Product Code: BCCS

Come Into the Silence

Thomas Merton

An easy-to-use devotional for all those seeking peace, stillness and solitude in a busy and noisy world. Part of the best-selling 30 Days with a Great Spiritual Teacher series, this book invites you into the contemplative life through the words of Thomas Merton, one of the most popular spiritual writers of the twentieth century.

Product Code: CMTS

Women of Hope

Terry Polakovic

Terry Polakovic introduces these amazing women and describes the troubled times in which they lived and persevered. These saintly women doctors of the Church remind us that God can work through anyone to bring about this purpose. They prove to us that we can live in confident hope, no matter the circumstances in which we find ourselves. 

Product Code: WNHP

The Busy Person's Guide to an Extraordinary Life

Deacon Greg Kandra

What if you could live each day with joy and purpose? Join beloved author Deacon Greg Kendra as he uncovers the rich treasury of Scripture and Tradition to discover just how to live an extraordinary life starting today!

Product Code: BPGL

Woman of Worth

Prayers and Reflections for Women Inspired by the Book of Proverbs
Twenty-Third Publications
Melanie Rigney

Reflections, questions, and prayers designed specifically for women. Rigney sends a clear and affirming message that GOD loves you and you ARE a woman of worth.

My Little Catholic Encyclopedia

Pflaum Publishing Group
Marie-Christine Vidal and Robin

Answers to children's questions about God, the Bible, the Church and more! With easy-to-read entries, as well as prayers, ideas for living the faith and more, My Little Catholic Encyclopedia is a must-have for Catholic Families. 

Arise (CD)

Pflaum Publishing Group
John Burland

ARISE is a new and dynamic album of Praise and Worship songs by John Burland suitable for upper primary, youth and families. Written with well-known Australian artists Gary Pinto and Gen Bryant and covering themes of hope, Witness, Mission and prayer. Recorded in Nashville and featuring a new duet “Lift Me Up” written and performed by John and Gen Bryant. ARISE will enliven your celebrations, deliver a faith filled message of hope and energise your catechesis!

Living Faith provides brief daily Catholic devotions based on one of the Mass readings of the day. Published new each quarter, these reflections are written by women and men from a variety of backgrounds - lay people as well as clergy and religious. Learn more.

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