Prayers & Blessings

For Healing

Gracious Lord, remember in your mercy those who suffer today. Give strength and encouragement to those who minister to their needs. Remember your promise not to let them be tested beyond what they are able to bear. Above all, give them the reassurance that you are with them as they walk through this valley of the shadows of death. And in your good time send healing of body and spirit. [Name those who need healing or help in their suffering.] In Jesus’ name, Amen.

For the Sick

God of mercy, when I’m sick I often find it hard to pray. So I offer this moment of prayer when I’m well for all those who may now be too weak, too tired or too depressed to pray and to believe at this time in your goodness and mercy. May this be a healing moment for them, as it was for the woman in the Gospel who touched the hem of your garment. Amen.

Sr. Marguerite Zralek, OP

For Confidence in Prayer

O Jesus, your disciples often found you at prayer, and so they asked you to teach them how to do it. Help me to pray in confidence to the Father, just as you did. When I am facing my own agony of doubt and fear, pray with me so that I find courage and hope. When my life leads me to the cross, take my hand so that my heart stays strong. Most of all, strengthen my resolve to pray: Not my will, but yours be done. Amen.

For Confidence in the Future

Lord, you have been with me from the very beginning, and you will be there at the very end. Looking back over my life, I can see that you were with me even when I was unaware of your presence, guiding me and drawing me closer to you. Give me courage and confidence in my future, believing that your hand is upon me every day, whether I am aware of it or not. Amen.

Excerpted from Living Faith: Prayers for Catholics was compiled by Julia DiSalvo and Kasey Nugent for Creative Communications for the Parish, 1564 FencorpDrive, Fenton, MO 63026. 800-325-9414. • • ISBN: 978-1-889387-93-2 Photo:• Copyright © 2015 Creative Communications for the Parish. All rights reserved.

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