Prayers & Blessings

Morning Prayers

Lord of heaven and earth, by your power and for your glory the sun has come up another day. Thank you for the gift of life renewed throughout the universe. I offer this day to you. May all that I do, say and think be for your greater glory. Amen.


Gracious Father, in your wisdom you have entrusted us with your beautiful creation. Aware of your presence in the quiet of this morning, I give you thanks for another day to do your will. I know the pace of the day will accelerate, and as it does, give me the grace to turn to you in moments of joy as well as in times of difficulty. Help me to keep in mind the needs of others and show me how to respond appropriately. May my hands and feet give service to those in need for your sake. Amen.


Gentle Savior, thank you for the good night’s rest I enjoyed. Strengthen me now to do your will in all things, so that at the end of the day I can say that I have done my best. Amen.                                 


Evening Prayers

Almighty and Eternal God, as this day draws to a close, I ask your blessing and I pray for a night of rest. I offer you the cares of my day and place in your hands all those for whom I have promised to pray. I know that in your mercy and providence you give each one of us exactly what we need from moment to moment. As I offer my own personal intentions in prayer, grant me the ability to trust in you no matter what happens. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Good Shepherd, you have led me to the end of another day. Help me to look back over the hours that have passed since I woke up this morning. Show me the times when I could have responded better to the promptings of your Holy Spirit. Show me, too, the times I experienced your presence, whether I was aware of it at the time or not. Lord, I offer you this night in the hope that I might be strengthened and renewed to serve you tomorrow. Amen.


Lord Jesus, be with me now as I try to let go of the day so that I can be embraced by your love and care tonight. Take away my regrets about the past or fears for the future and assure me of your loving care always. Amen.



Prayers Before the Blessed Sacrament

Anima Christi

(“Soul of Christ”)

Soul of Christ, sanctify me.
Body of Christ, save me.
Blood of Christ, inebriate me.
Water from the side of Christ, wash me.
Passion of Christ, strengthen me.
O Good Jesus, hear me.
Within your wounds hide me.
Never let me be parted from you
From the malignant enemy defend me.
In the hour of my death call me
And bid me come to you,
That with all your saints,
I may praise you
Forever and ever.


A Prayer after Holy Communion
by St. Thomas Aquinas

I thank You, Lord, Almighty Father, Everlasting God, for having been pleased, through no merit of mine, but of Your great mercy alone, to feed me, a sinner, and Your unworthy servant, with the precious Body and Blood of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that this Holy Communion may not be for my judgment and condemnation, but for my pardon and salvation. Let this Holy Communion be to me an armor of faith and a shield of good will, a cleansing of all vices, and a rooting out of all evil desires. May it increase love and patience, humility and obedience, and all virtues. May it be a firm defense against the evil designs of all my visible and invisible enemies, a perfect quieting of all the desires of soul and body. May this Holy Communion bring about a perfect union with You, the one true God, and at last enable me to reach eternal bliss when You will call me. I pray that You bring me, a sinner, to the indescribable Feast where You, with Your Son and the Holy Spirit, are to Your saints true light, full blessedness, everlasting joy, and perfect happiness. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.


A Prayer for Trust

Lord, I am very grateful for the times I can see your hand at work in my life, the moments I can feel your presence and sense your love for me. But for those other times I pray, dear Lord, that I might have unquenchable trust in you. When I cannot see where my life is headed or how all things work for good for those who love you, I ask for trust that you are in charge. When I do not feel your presence, even when I am at prayer or worshipping at Mass, I ask for trust that you are near. When I feel anything but lovable, remind me that your love keeps the universe in motion, even the small part of it that is me. Amen.


A Prayer for Economic Security

Lord, you are the rock of our lives, the source of all true stability. Grant that your people might find their security in you, first of all. Help them to find meaningful employment during their working years and a measure of comfort in their retirement. Help us all to learn to live within our means so that we can help those in our neighborhoods and across the globe who have less than we do. Replace the fear in our hearts with gratitude, and give us confidence in your Providence. May we hope in the future and in the blessings and opportunities of today. Amen.


 A Prayer of Gratitude

Lord, I praise you not only for the blessings of my life, but for the many ways that you have turned sorrow into joy and weakness into strength. You have promised to be with us always, and your constant presence benefits us in ways that become clear only with time. I pray especially in gratitude for the gift of faith, something I could never have constructed or maintained on my own. Amen. 


Prayer of St. Boniface 

(Feast: June 5)


Eternal God, 

the refuge of all your children, 

in our weakness, you are our strength, 

in our darkness, you are our light, 

in our sorrow, you are our comfort and peace. 

May we always live in your presence, 

and serve you in our daily lives, 

through Jesus Christ our Lord. 




Prayer of St. Ephrem

(Feast: June 9)


O Lord and Master of my life,

Spare me from the spirit of apathy and meddling,

Of idle chatter and love of power. 


Instead, grant me, your servant, 

The spirit of integrity and humility,

Of patience and love.


Yes, O Lord and God, 

Grant me the grace to be aware of my sins

And not to judge others, 

For you are blessed, now and forever.



Prayer of St. Anthony of Padua 

(Feast: June 13)


O God, send forth your Holy Spirit 

into my heart that I may perceive, 

into my mind that I may remember, 

and into my soul that I may meditate. 

Inspire me to speak with piety, holiness, tenderness, and mercy. 

Teach, guide, and direct my thoughts and senses from beginning to end. 


May your grace ever help and correct me,

and may I be strengthened now with wisdom from on high, 

for the sake of your infinite mercy. 





Prayer of St. Richard Chichester

(Feast: June 16)


Thanks be to thee, my Lord Jesus Christ,

For all the benefits thou hast given me,

For the pains and insults thou hast borne for me.

O most merciful Redeemer, Friend and Brother,

May I know thee more clearly,

Love thee more dearly, 

And follow thee more nearly, day by day.



Prayer of St. Thomas More

(Feast: June 22)


Lord, give me patience in suffering, 

and grace in everything, 

to make my will conform to thine, 

so that I may truly say, 

“Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”




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