Prayers & Blessings

Morning Prayers

O God of Constant Rising, each morning you bless us with a new resurrection—the rising of the sun and the dawning of a new day; of new light and hope. Instill in us the wisdom to recognize that each moment can be a little rising. Give us attentive hearts this day, that we not miss your moments of visitation. Amen.

Gracious God, thank you for the gift of another day. Help me see the people that I meet and the situations I encounter today through the eyes of faith. May I be empowered to live this day with compassion, courage and hope as I place my trust in you. Amen.

Gracious Creator, the rising of the sun holds the promise of new beginnings. Help me surrender the cares of yesterday and increase my awareness of your goodness, mercy and compassion throughout this day. Inspire me to be welcoming to all whom I meet, especially those I find challenging. Amen.

Evening Prayers

Faithful God, thank you for the many ways you were present to me this day. I recall when I trusted you enough to share with you my fear, my sorrow and my anger as well as my joy. I ask forgiveness for when I ignored the urge to listen more intently, act more compassionately and pardon more readily. Amen.

Lord Jesus, in this season, as each evening the sun sets a little later, the days slowly but inexorably grow longer, I look forward to preparing throughout Lent for your resurrection and the promise of new life. Let the Holy Spirit guide me as I search myself for what needs to die and be reborn in you. Amen.

God of Day and of Darkness, as evening falls, look with compassion on the children of this world. Bring rest and healing to all who are troubled this night. May we find comfort and protection under the shadow of your wings. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.

Prayers for Lent

You have invited me, Lord, to turn back to you and to make special time this Lent for the place in my heart where you dwell. Thank you for this loving invitation. Teach me to fast that I may know you better. Teach me to give alms that suffering be eased in your name. Teach me to pray that I may rejoice in your love. Bring me to your Easter light. Amen.

Merciful Father, in this season of Lent, we renew our resolve to live according to your ways. We greatly desire to grow closer to you via prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Yet we know that we accomplish this not of our own strength, but with your grace as our unfailing aid. Amen.

Gracious and merciful God, as we walk our Lenten journey, we are asked to be more gracious and merciful. Yet we often avoid looking into our own hearts for fear of learning the extent to which we have lost our way. As we continue our travels, help us, we pray, to appreciate that your limitless love, compassion and forgiveness always journey with us. Amen.

Prayers for Our Needs

For courage

Strengthening God, living the gospel is not for the meek. But you are always at my side. May your Holy Spirit give me the courage I need, especially as I face evil and temptation. You are the Word Made Flesh. Help me be strong enough to share that Word with others. Amen.

When stressed

O Lord, through my uncertainties and pain, may I trust that you are helping me carry these burdens. Amen.

For perseverance

Faithful God, when people and institutions disappoint us, may we continue to place our trust in you. Transform our hearts and minds and help us recognize the many ways you are present in our lives. Fill us with your holy wisdom so that we might act with integrity, humility and compassion as we work for change. Amen.

For my healing when ill

God of my soul and of my earthly body, see me today exactly as I am. Find me where I stand waiting for you. See my illness and renew me, I pray. See my weaknesses and bring me strength. See the empty places in my life and fill them with your presence. Heal me, O Lord, in the way that only you know I most need. Amen.

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