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Prayer for those affected by the Sexual Abuse Crisis

Loving God, we come to you with anger and sorrow.
Lives have been shattered, faith has been shaken.
Some who were to be the protectors of the innocent were, instead, their abusers.
We feel betrayed.
We pray for ourselves, our Church, but especially for victim-survivors and their families,
that they may find in you the strength and courage to continue onward.
Protect us, we pray, from the evil that exists in our world.
Help us to safeguard our most vulnerable.
Guide us as we seek accountability,
even knowing that the only true justice is your divine justice.
Help your wounded Church to remember its roots,
to recall the ways of your Son, Our Lord, Jesus
and to treat all with respect and compassion.
We pray also for the leaders of your Church;
our shepherds, our priests, our women religious who have upheld your teachings.
May they know that we are grateful for their dedication
and that we are praying for them to stay strong through their difficulties.
While we know that you, God, will never let us down,
we pray that one day, we may have our trust restored.



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