Tracy Klein from North Dakota prays,

I'm asking for prayers, as I am in a battle with the Devil and his minions, spiritually over sexual sin, which I'm not afraid to admit has been a problem and sin for me. I pray every day, and when I am at my weakest is when the Devil attacks, and I fall in to sin. I have been dealing with this for years, and I grow weary of this constant struggle. I have heard strange voices at times, not knowing if they are of God or of the Devil. I want to be free of this sin and healed from it, so that I can take the next step in my faith, and walk with the Lord more.
9 January, 2022 at 07:28 PM


Bonnie says...
Please go to Mass, confession, pray the Saint Michael prayer and a daily rosary. Eucharistic adoration also strengthens you. Seek a priest to help also.
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Mike says...
Tracy, I just listened to a reflection on satan. He is everywhere, try to go to a place physically/mentally where he will not find you. When satan starts learning in my mind, I immediately turn to prayer. May God give you strength in your personal battle, and I will send prayers your way.
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Katj says...
Tracy- this is from Claires reflection today…God of Great Compassion, prompt me to pour my soul out to you that you may replace my distress with peace. Kathy
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Katj says...
Tracy, I offer up my rosary this morning for you that Our Mother helps to guide your thoughts to be closer to her son. God Bless
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Kjc says...
Tracy I will pray for you right now. The holy spirit knows you and will help. Ask him to guide your mind and control your thoughts I am praying right now Ken
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