Alicia prays,

I pray that money owed to me by my employer will be paid to me soon. Approval was given since April 2022 yet every month excuses are being made. I am...

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Jane lemon from United Kingdom prays,

Our daughter Debbie has terminal cancer,please pray for healing . She is 51 and is the most beautiful person and she has a husband and two...

Pray for this request 3 people have prayed
Mary W. from United States prays,

My Granddaughter has stopped our Great Grandchildren from seeing us. She suffers from Depression and her mental health is in dire need of...

Pray for this request 4 people have prayed
Jenny from CA prays,

May the Lord bridge the rift between me and Ron and heal any negative or fearful/uncomfortable feelings that may be keeping us from contact and...

Pray for this request 2 people have prayed
Dace from United States prays,

My sister - age 71- had her first chemo today. We found out on Monday she had leukemia. It does not look promising. Please, pray with us for...

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Patricia from AZ prays,

Please pray for all students and teachers that we end the school year in a positive way. For all the teachers who are struggling to keep up with all...

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Karen L Hill from United States prays,

Please pray for my friend, Laura. She is battling triple negative breast cancer, starting her third line of treatment next Monday. Pray for God to...

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Cheri from Texas from US prays,

Please pray for peace and comfort for my 32 year old daughter who lost her 35 year old husband unexpectedly a week ago leaving her a widow with two...

Pray for this request 4 people have prayed
Terri from USA prays,

For my children and grandchildren so that they may believe in God and His...

Pray for this request 3 people have prayed
Laura J from United States prays,

Please pay for my grandson, Jax. He started having seizures last week and we are still waiting for...

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