March 31, 2024
The Resurrection of the Lord
Our Unshakable Confidence
…you too will appear with him in glory.
Colossians 3:4

There are many troubling trends today in America and around our world. And yet, I am profoundly optimistic. I do not expect things to turn around right away, maybe never. But my optimism does not come from a human source or from any positive expectations regarding politics or social change.

Rather today, on Easter Sunday, everything changed. Satan’s kingdom was smashed. Evil was definitively defeated. The power of God’s love triumphed in Jesus’ Death and Resurrection.

Followers of Christ are now filled with an unshakable confidence. In a deep spiritual insight, the mystic Julian of Norwich famously said, “All shall be well.” Nothing can extinguish our inner confidence.

Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia!

- Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Acts 10:34a, 37-43 • Psalm 118:1-2, 16-17, 22-23 • Colossians 3:1-4 or 1 Corinthians 5:6b-8 • John 20:1-9 or Mark 16:1-7


March 31, 2024 at 01:36 PM

Happy Easter!! So thankful for all of you. I don't comment often...know I'm one of those silent daily readers finding hope in your words. I look forward to reading your comments each day and I'm praying for your intentions/loved ones.

March 31, 2024 at 05:18 PM

Hi Margaret! Little or a lot, we are happy to have you. Happy Easter and thank you for posting today. Amen.

March 31, 2024 at 12:47 PM

Amen! Happy Easter to my LF family! :)

March 31, 2024 at 12:41 PM

Thank you Msgr Rosetti for your contributions and reflections to this site. Leaving Mass this morning the final song was "Jesus Christ is risen today..." It was in my brain and I was singing on the way home. Bill's I enjoy your comments, I will continue to pray for Elle and request the living faith family to please pray for Terry she seeing the doctor for follow up on her broken toes, tomorrow. Mass this morning was packed standing room only. Ushers compacted all of us. Reminds me of when Kathy and the family would attend I was designated to get there early an reserved seats for four others. Uncomfortable when people would ask me if I was saving the room. Joe I love your comments and things sometimes seem out of control but remember "He knows what he's doing " Living faith family please have a happy and blessed Easter. Ken

March 31, 2024 at 10:07 AM

Happy joyous Easter to all the LFF! May you all be uplifted on this most glorious day of His resurrection to save us all✝️

March 31, 2024 at 09:46 AM

*** Do you believe Jesus was resurrected on the third day? in Acts 10:39-40, "We are witnesses of everything he did in the land of the Jews and in Jerusalem. They killed Him by nailing Him to a cross. But on the third day God raised Him from the dead. God allowed Jesus to be seen!" *** Have you seen the risen Lord with your spititual eyes? in Acts 10:41a, "But He wasn’t seen by all the people. He was seen only by us. We are witnesses whom God had already chosen..." *** What are we who have encountered/seen the risen Lord supposed to do? in John 10:42, "He commanded us to preach to the people. He told us to tell people that He is the one appointed by God to judge the living and the dead!" ******* Believe and profess Jesus is Lord in Romans 10:9-10, "Say with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord.” Believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead. Then you will be saved. With your heart you believe and are made right with God. With your mouth you say what you believe. And so you are saved!" *** You will be forgiven in Acts 10:43, " All the prophets tell about Him (Jesus). They say that all who believe in Him have their sins forgiven through His Name!" *** Alleluia!!! *** Jesus is risen!!!

March 31, 2024 at 10:46 AM

Life-Giving Application of this Doctrine of Justification: ● When I do not believe that God justifies sinners because of Christ’s sacrifice, I carry the weight of my own sin without remedy or recourse. ● When I believe that I have been justified freely by God’s grace through Christ’s sacrifice, I face a life of eternity with confidence. My standing before God does not depend on my behavior, but rests on Jesus’ perfect righteousness!

March 31, 2024 at 10:30 AM

John 19:30, Jesus said, “It is finished!” *** Doctrine of Justification - Jesus’ death on the cross sufficiently paid for the sins of the entire world. However, His righteousness is only imputed to people who receive the Salvation He offers by His grace through faith and not by human own works. God justifies believers who trust in Christ for Salvation, crediting Jesus’ perfect righteousness to them!

March 31, 2024 at 09:29 AM

Thank you Msgr Rosetti and may the Truth of Jesus remain in us always. May God be with you always.

March 31, 2024 at 09:18 AM

Wishing all the LFF and their loved ones a Joyous and Blessed Easter! Our Lord is with us, Alleluia!

March 31, 2024 at 08:59 AM

Good Happy Easter Morning Living Faith Family!!! This morning's overcast skies can't diminish the pure joy of this day...HE is risen! This last week has been a beautiful week for me in focusing on what each day in His life meant for me as I cried, so sorry for what He was willingly going through, which is most likely why this morning feels soooooooo Glorious! God Bless Us ALL And ALL Who We Love!

March 31, 2024 at 08:58 AM

God’s blessings to you and your loved ones on this Easter Sunday coming to know, remembering and celebrating the life, death, burial and resurrection of my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ ✝️ In Christ Alone

March 31, 2024 at 08:45 AM

Happy Easter Living Faith Family! Hallelujah, he is risen! Amen.

March 31, 2024 at 08:37 AM

"For Christ the Lord is risen. Our joy that hath no end." St. John of Damascus Happy Easter to all & prayers for those with special intentions.

March 31, 2024 at 08:12 AM

Thank you Msgr. Rossetti. He is risen! Hallelujah! All shall be well. Words of hope, words of promise.

March 31, 2024 at 07:56 AM

Lord please hear our prayers and bring your light to all those suffering in Baltimore with the Bridge collapse, Haiti, the Middle East, Ukraine, Russia, the Sudan, and all those suffering around the world - also for their strength, courage and resilience to continue walking in faith. Send them your light. Father in Heaven, have mercy on us and on the whole world! You sent Your Son, the Prince of Peace, for the salvation of the world. We pray that the Peace of Christ will reign in Haiti, the Middle East, Ukraine, Russia and Sudan. Please protect and send aid to those in need and all who are at-risk. We pray for peace and rebuilding– we who are working towards it and for all those who are suffering or in danger from conflicts. We pray for an end to violence and war – we pray for wisdom for all leaders who have a hand in this. Lord God please help those in most need of thy mercy. Amen.

March 31, 2024 at 07:55 AM

Happy and Blessed Easter to all and to those who contribute to and follow Living Faith. I look forward each day to and find hope in these reflections (and responses!). May the Joy of His triumph over evil bring peace to all. We most definitely need it in these uncertain days.

March 31, 2024 at 07:54 AM

Alleluia! Amen. Amen!

March 31, 2024 at 07:42 AM

LFF have a blessed Easter with family and friends. May we all continue to strive to do God's will and to support each other. Jesus has RISEN!!! Hallelujah!

March 31, 2024 at 07:03 AM

Happy Easter LFF, death has lost and life has won for Our Savior has truly risen. Thank you Jane, PeggyR and Bill L for y Our prayers for Elle, and she thanks you too. I was fortunate to find her Easter Vigil mass from the cathedral in Providence online. It was a beautiful mass and I could see her joy from the Holy Spirit. Have a wonderful Easter Sunday. Then Came The Morning by Luke Garrett

March 31, 2024 at 06:57 AM

Happy Easter to you all! As my priest told me during my reconciliation this lent, “ God knows what he is doing”!

March 31, 2024 at 06:47 AM

Happy Easter Living Faith Family! Much love and continued prayers as we worship together.

March 31, 2024 at 06:30 AM

Happy Easter to my LFF....He has risen... be joyful

March 31, 2024 at 05:26 AM


March 31, 2024 at 03:24 AM

Happy Easter to all the Living Faith Family!

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