June 22, 2022
St. Paulinas of Nola; Sts. John Fisher and Thomas More
Turn Back to God
He had the entire contents of the book of the covenant that had been found in the temple of the LORD, read out to them. …the king made a covenant before the LORD that they would follow him…
2 Kings 23:2-3

King Josiah’s reign began at age 8 after his father’s assassination. At that time, many in Judah had forgotten and forsaken their covenant with God. Paganism was widespread. As a young man, Josiah sponsored repairs to the temple, during which a book of the Law was found and shared with him. It was a turning point for the king. Josiah’s encounter with the Word of God led to repentance—“he tore his garments” (verse 22:11). Knowing his kingdom had strayed from the Law, he renewed the covenant and led Judah’s spiritual renewal—restoring the Passover feast and more—while crushing idol worship and other abominations. Of Josiah it is said, “Before him there had been no king who turned to the Lord as he did, with his whole heart…nor did any king like him arise after him” (23:25).

How is God’s Word impacting my life?

- Pat Gohn

2 Kings 22:8-13; 23:1-3 • Psalm 119:33-37, 40 Matthew 7:15-20


June 22, 2022 at 11:02 AM

God’s word in Holy Scripture not only teaches me of what is expected of me as a follower of Christ but also assures me of God’s loving Mercy and compassion. As it’s written in the Psalms: “God’s word is a lamp unto my feet “ as he leads me and guides me in his Way.

June 22, 2022 at 10:24 AM


June 22, 2022 at 08:44 AM

Amen! Thank you Holy Father for this beautiful day and for this Gospel today. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for my faith, my life and for my family. Thank you Holy Father, most of all, for your great sacrifice and for the opportunity of forgiveness and reconciliation. Please Lord Jesus Christ have mercy. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me, a sinner. Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ, now and forever.. Amen Holy Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, we ask that you release your warrior angels and heavenly hosts. We decry and declare that they would take us off the enemies' radar and scramble the enemies frequencies (airwaves). Your Kingdom must come now. Your will must be done right now, as in the heavens, also on earth. Amen Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host - by the power of God - Cast into hell satan and all evil spirits that prowl about the earth seeking the ruin of souls. Amen

June 22, 2022 at 08:21 AM

Excellent question, Pat! "How is God’s Word impacting my life?" I know God's Word one day 22 years ago (not any day but the day God planned and anointed for my eyes to open and my heart to rend) turned my life around as I was thrown into a deep pit! The result was repentance as Josiah did! *** "The word repentance in the Bible literally means “the act of changing one’s mind.” True biblical repentance goes beyond remorse, regret, or feeling bad about one’s sin. It involves more than merely turning away from sin. Eerdmans Bible Dictionary includes this definition of repentance: “In its fullest sense it is a term for a complete change of orientation involving a judgment upon the past and a deliberate redirection for the future...Repentance in the Bible involves a complete and irreversible change of mind, heart, and actions. Repentance recognizes that our sin is offensive to God. To repent means to make an about-face, heart-directed turn away from self to God, from the past to a future ruled by God’s commands, acknowledging that the Lord reigns supreme over one’s existence.” https://www.gotquestions.org/Bible-repentance.html *** So how did God's Word change your life? And if God's Word continues to change your life? And if God's Word convicts you to repentance? *** 2 King 23:3, "Standing by the column, the king made a covenant before the LORD that they would follow Him and observe His ordinances, statutes and decrees with their whole hearts and souls, thus reviving the terms of the covenant which were written in this book. And all the people stood as participants in the covenant." ******* Have you made a covenant with the Lord, Jesus Christ? I remember the covenant I made with God in my suicide note 22 years ago...if God, You are real, I am willing to give up my marriage, my family (my girls), my money, my life, to follow You for the rest of my life!!! And He did...And I do :-) It reminds me of Matthew 6:33, "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well!" And He did, is doing and will do these things...my marriage, my family, my money, my life were, are and will be given unto me as well :-) *** God of All My Days by Casting Crown https://youtu.be/ZYkZE8AogDE

June 22, 2022 at 08:19 AM


June 22, 2022 at 07:58 AM

The word of God is something I depend on and yearn for each day. It feeds my soul.

June 22, 2022 at 02:25 AM

Josiah’s name means “God supports and heals”

June 22, 2022 at 03:16 PM

Nice info, thanks.

June 22, 2022 at 05:23 AM

Thanks for the 411


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