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April 3, 2021
Holy Saturday (Easter Vigil)
Go With Love to Meet the Risen Lord
They were saying to one another, “Who will roll back the stone for us from the entrance to the tomb?”
Mark 16:3

Three women’s ardent love for Jesus drew them to rise very early in order to anoint the body of their Beloved. They were so intent on this tender gesture that they did not think about gaining access to where his body was laid. The obstacle of a large stone blocking the tomb’s entrance had not crossed their minds until they actually arrived. The question barely passed their lips before they saw with amazement that this would not be a problem.

The message of the resurrection is not only joy in the risen Christ. It includes trusting the One who captures our hearts, to have confidence that the obstacles holding us back from fuller union can be removed. We need only go with all our love to meet the risen Lord, assured that the way will be opened for us to do so. Let us be attentive this Easter season to any stones that might block our way to the risen Christ

- Sr. Joyce Rupp

Genesis 1:1—2:2 • Exodus 14:15—15:1 • Exodus 15:1-6, 17-18 Romans 6:3-11 • Psalm 118:1-2, 16-17, 22-23 • Mark 16:1-7


April 3, 2021 at 07:03 PM

Sr. Joyce, thank you for your very beautiful devotion. * Today is sometimes called Dark Saturday. It’s the day Jesus’ body lay lifeless, breathless, in a dark garden tomb. It’s a strange in-between kind of day. Perhaps our hearts still mourn the stinging reality that Jesus’ death was about our sins and about our wandering away from a loving God. But perhaps our hearts are also beginning to thrill at the hope of what tomorrow will bring When you think about it, that’s where we live our lives. We live between what’s been already accomplished for us in Christ, and the hope of what is yet to come. * PRAYER: "God of wonder, my heart both grieves and hopes. Forgive my ways of wandering from you. Help me to celebrate with joy the resurrection hope that is mine through Jesus Christ, my Lord. Amen." God Bless our Living Faith Family and continued prayers for all.

April 3, 2021 at 12:58 PM


April 3, 2021 at 12:36 PM

Cliffs notes for this holy week by Steve Arterburn (Best-selling Author, Chairman & Founder of New Life Ministries & Host of the #1 Nationally Syndicated Christian Counseling Talk Show, New Life Live!) about What's Good about Good Friday - If That Isn't Enough in

April 3, 2021 at 11:54 AM

Matt and I watched "The Passion of The Christ" movie last night!!! This is the second time I watched it since 2004 when it came out before Easter. It was so difficult to watch :-( I cried through the movie the first time. Last night, I fell asleep in the midst of the movie :-( Now, I understand why Peter, James and John fell asleep when Jesus asked them to pray and stay awake. When my heart was so heavy, it drained my energy and my spirit. I couldn't keep my eyes opened and I fell asleep! *** This morning, I love His Word in so many readings...1) God our CREATOR in Genesis 1:31a, "God looked at everything He had made, and He found it very good!" 2) God our SACRIFICIAL LAMB OF GOD in Genesis 22:8b, "God Himself will provide the sheep for the holocaust!" 3) God our PROTECTOR in Exodus 14:21-22, "Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the LORD swept the sea with a strong east wind throughout the night and so turned it into dry land. When the water was thus divided, the Israelites marched into the midst of the sea on dry land, with the water like a wall to their right and to their left!" 4) God our REDEEMER in Isaiah 54:7-8, "For a brief moment I abandoned you, but with great tenderness I will take you back. In an outburst of wrath, for a moment I hid my face from you; but with enduring love I take pity on you, says the LORD, your Redeemer!" 5) God our PROVIDER and SUSTAINER in Isaiah 55:11, "so shall My Word be that goes forth from my mouth; My Word shall not return to Me void, but shall do My Will, achieving the end for which I sent it!" 6) God our HOLY LORD GOD in Ezekiel 36:23b-24, "Thus the nations shall know that I am the LORD, says the Lord GOD, when in their sight I prove My Holiness through you. For I will take you away from among the nations, gather you from all the foreign lands, and bring you back to your own land!" 7) God our OVERCOMER and VICTOR in Mark 16:6, "He said to them, “Do not be amazed! You seek Jesus of Nazareth, the crucified. He has been raised; He is not here!" *** What would I do on this Saturday if I lived over two thousand years ago during the day after Jesus was crucified and I did not know He would be resurrected the next day? *** Do I remember all His attributes/characters I experienced personally the three years I was with Him? ******* I give thanks to the Lord, my God, for You are good and Your mercy endures forever :-) Amen! (Psalm 118:1)

April 3, 2021 at 10:49 AM

All Living Faith Family, who come to the well here at our Living Faith Family community, Happy Easter to you and your families. Amen

April 3, 2021 at 10:38 AM

Where do we rest with Jesus, today. Did we begin our day praying with Jesus. Is the thought of him dying on the cross for our sins, not his, still alive in our minds, hearts and soul. During our Lenten Journey we hopefully prepared ourself for this moment, where we are near him and not far from him. This was he scene back then, when they took him off the cross, prepared his body for the tomb. Many of his disciplines were no where to be found, still in shock and afraid to be seen. Mary our Mother, Mary Magdalen, the Apostle John and another holy follower of Jesus, were there at the tomb. This is a sign for each of us to remain close to Jesus, during our darkest moments of our lives, when all seems too hard to move, to painful. It is easy to be there with Jesus in the good moments of our lives, but Jesus wants us present during all times. Today and everyday bring Jesus into our lives first before we begin our day in the world. Let us gaze upon his body taken down from the cross, his wounds, bruises his blood. Jesus loves us so much that he went through all of this for our sins. Our Faith gives us the strength today, Holy Saturday to remain with the resting body of Christ. Jesus loves us and his body no longer feels pain, but he offers each us the glorious hope for tomorrow, where we shall all experience the Great Victory over death, Jesus’s Resurrection. Let us open wide our hearts and allow Jesus to come into our lives, mind, body and soul. There is no greater love. Where does Jesus rest today for us. Dear Jesus, please hear the prayers of our Living Faith Family, for those who do not have anyone to pray for them and for all of the souls in Purgatory, we pray. Amen.

April 3, 2021 at 10:05 AM

Thank you Sr. Joyce, I always enjoy your inspirational devotions. And yes, may the Holy Spirit help us roll away any stones in the way keeping us from getting closer to our Lord. A blessed day and continued prayers for all.

Sham Peter Narine Respond to comment
April 3, 2021 at 06:58 AM

Thanks Sr Joyce for today's devotion. Jesus has died. Today we spend the day in deep silence and contemplation of his passion as we await his resurrection. Dear father in heaven, we thank you that we have you and the light of your Spirit, which always gives us new determination for the tasks you ask of us. Prayer for all the living faith family members. Have a blessed day everyone


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