October 25, 2020
Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
That Just Might Help
...and blessed be my rock!
Psalm 18:47

When I hike in mountainous terrain, I often stop by rocky areas along the path to touch the strength in the hardness of thick stones. Sometimes I sit down beside these rugged shapes, other times I hide beneath their sheltering outcrops when sudden rainstorms arrive. I sense a kinship with rock when my hand rests upon it. Something comforting about the sturdiness and immovability of the boulders elicits courage and hope in my spirit. No wonder the psalmist refers to God as a rock. Stones are, after all, some of the oldest and most durable substances on our planet. How appropriate that this Ancient One would be described as being our rock of enduring love, the one who girds us "with strength" (Psalm 18:33). When our situations are especially shaky, or the foundations of our faith feel like mush, we can call upon this resilient presence for strength to see us through our weakened state.

- Sr. Joyce Rupp, O.S.M.


October 25, 2020 at 07:05 PM

Sr. Joyce, thank you for your inspiring devotion.

Jesus Christ, is my Lord, My Savior, My Refuge and My Friend. He is my Rock and my Salvation. He knows me inside-out, He knows when I am in need of comfort, strength, courage and Hope. He provides all that and more: Love, forgiveness, compassion and the list goes on and on.

Lord I love you, thank you for always being with me, especially during my weakest moments when I need you the most. Amen.

God Bless our Living Faith Family and continued prayers for all.

October 25, 2020 at 01:14 PM

Amen. Beautiful devotional, Sr Joyce!

October 25, 2020 at 11:34 AM


October 25, 2020 at 11:17 AM

Good morning living faith family I am going to help my oldest grandson with his family faith formation class this morning. Miss my 2nd grade class but he is in another parish and doing it virtually.
Wish me lucky that I have the skills to relate to the different types of classes.

When I return I will pray for the living faith family and use the divine mercy chaplet to center me


October 25, 2020 at 11:06 AM

“We just need more Love” sounds pretty easy, right.

God says to us in the 1st reading that we all need to treat others with the same respect as we have been treated before.

Are we now so special, we do not remember our roots. We all had a beginning in life that began with Love. Let’s try to keep the sharing the Love going.

Remember we are all loved, and cared for, lets continue to share it, treat others with the respect they deserve, God sees and hears all.

In today’s second reading St. Paul opens his letter to the Thessalonians, with a common phrase I used to hear, back when I was growing up.

“You knew who we were and what we were all about”.

They did know and began to be imitators of St. Paul and the other disciplines with him.

By the power of the Holy Spirt and the grace given to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they and we are told to go forth and spread the word of God to others.

Finally in today’s Gospel we hear the commandments that truly will have set us free. Now we need to continue to practice these commandments with others in our daily lives.

Teach others how to be compassion toward one another. Teach others how to Love with their whole HEART - SOUL - MINDS. You must Jesus tells us today.

Did you know that there were 604 commandments in the Old Law, yes, then we all know about the 10 Commandments. Now Jesus is telling us here today that ALL commandments are summed up in the first two, period, end of story. If we all follow to the letter these two commandments, the mic is dropped, the world will be a much better place to live with each other.

“ALL We need is just a little more Love” sounds pretty easy, right.

Know we are all praying for each of you and the souls in purgatory.


October 25, 2020 at 06:02 PM

Amen Tim. your words are full of wisdom and are so inspiring as usual. Than you.

October 25, 2020 at 10:48 AM

Amen. I am a rock hound :)

October 25, 2020 at 03:11 PM

Jesus You are my rock. I need to lean on You. Amen

October 25, 2020 at 07:47 AM

Rocks may not be hardest substance on earth, but they are easy to find. God is easy to find as well. He is everywhere.

October 25, 2020 at 06:04 PM

Amen Troy! Yes, God is easy to find.

October 25, 2020 at 01:50 PM

Thank you Sr. Joyce for your reflection. Rocks truly speak to me also of the strength of my Lord. Living in Colorado and having our majestic Rocky Mountains to walk upon always reminds me how close my Lord is. The Lord is my rock and my refuge!

Troy once again powerfully stated. Rocks in Colorado are easy to find as our Lord is also. Easy to find and everywhere!

Ken I will pray your virtual experience with your grandson goes well. Once you get the hang of it it becomes second nature. I find myself envious of your faith formation with your grandson. My grandchildren are not taken to church or the Lord even discussed in their homes. My children and grandchildren are in your hands Lord.

It's a snowy day in Colorado praying this snow totally puts out our many wildfires.

Also remembering our intentions and the souls in Purgatory.

October 25, 2020 at 10:40 AM

Everywhere in everything. Amen!!!

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