October 6, 2012
St. Bruno, Bl. Marie Rose Durocher
Growth Through Suffering
It is good for me that I have been afflicted,
that I may learn your statutes.
Psalm 119:71
My friend fought cancer for years and years. Every part of her body, it seems, was afflicted. At some point in the midst of all of it--halfway between her diagnosis and her death--she said to me, with complete conviction, "Thank God for my cancer." She explained that she felt--no, she knew--that before her cancer, she had been living on what she now saw as a superficial level. Cancer had ravaged her body and was cutting her physical life short, but my friend felt strongly that cancer had opened her eyes to grace, deepened her capacity for love and brought her closer to God. If I am honest, if I look at my own life, I really can't deny that it's mostly through suffering that my soul expands and my embrace widens. Admitting that is a challenge. Why? Because, as I pray with the psalmist, I'm opening myself to take the cup and drink in more lessons learned in this way, which is nothing less than the way of the cross.
Gracious God, thank you for my life--all of it.

- Amy Welborn

Job 42:1-3, 5-6, 12-17|Psalm 119:66, 71, 75, 91, 125, 130|Luke 10:17-24


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