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'Not Yet'

St. Maximilian Kolbe

I have let you feast your eyes upon it, but you shall not cross over.

- Deuteronomy 34:4

Sadly, Moses didn't get to see the Promised Land. He had done the exhausting work of leading a recalcitrant people out of slavery. He had encountered God face to face, received God's commandments and suffered daily headaches over this so-called "chosen people."

Personally, I want the good guy to win. I am partial to happy endings. Why doesn't Moses get to cross over? Theologians explain the nature of God's kingdom as "already but not yet" experienced in this world.

A raccoon decimates your plump, milky corncobs right before harvest, you break your ankle and must withdraw from the parish's pilgrimage to Assisi, your spouse dies before your granddaughter's wedding. Hard stuff! In so many ways, God says that there is more than earthly satisfaction. He whispers, "Be good servants now; I love all your good efforts. Wait just a little while; there is a place waiting for you, beyond anything this earth is able to give."

- Jennifer Christ
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Ana | Posted on: 2019-08-14 21:23:05
Thank you God for preparing a place for us in Your kingdom Lord! Jesus Thank you for saving me! I love you my Lord and my God
Angela Harrigan | Posted on: 2019-08-14 21:22:34
Amen. Thank you Holy Father for this beautiful day and for today's Gospel. Thank you Lord for my faith, my life and for my family. Thank you Holy Father most of all for your great sacrifice and for the opportunity of forgiveness and reconciliation. Please Lord have mercy. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me, a sinner. Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ, King of Endless Glory. Amen
A sinner | Posted on: 2019-08-14 17:44:36
Jennifer, thank you for your devotion.

We must continue to follow Jesus, have faith in Him and trust Him. He knows what He is doing in our lives, He has a plan for us and many wonderful things in store for us "if we have faith".

Continue to have a close relationship with Him and He will show Himself to us. Amen.

God Bless our Living Faith Family and continued prayers for all.
Tillie | Posted on: 2019-08-14 16:46:18
God explained to Moses why He didn't get to cross over to the promised land in Deuteronomy 32:51-52, "For both of you betrayed Me with the Israelites at the waters of Meribah at Kadesh in the wilderness of Zin. You failed to demonstrate My holiness to the people of Israel there. So you will see the land from a distance, but you may not enter the land I am giving to the people of Israel."


This whole generation of Israelites coming out of Egypt all died in the desert with the exception of Caleb and Joshua. They did not get to cross over and take possession of the promise land.

Caleb and Joshua took the next generation of Israelites (most were born in the desert) into the promise land after 40 years of wandering in the desert, one year for each day of the spies were in the promise land as God told them. (Numbers 14:26-45)

What does it tell me about God? Reading just this part of the Scripture makes me question:
* That He didn't love His people?
* That He was mean to His people?
* That He held their sins against them?

So what happen to God's unconditional love, His mercy and His grace that we, Christians, say that God has for us? Haven't you heard this argument before from your family members, friends or co-workers? Why do some people not like the old Testament saying that we are in the New Testmament now? Because they cannot reconcile or explain the violence written...

What can you tell someone the God of the old Testament is the same as the New Testament? And actually,
* the NT is the fullfillment of the OT. (Jesus is fulfillment of the promise in the OT)
* We don't need to have the NT without the OT! (Jesus didn't need to come and die if human didn't sin against God)
* "For this is how God loved the world: He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him (Jesus) will not perish but have eternal life. God sent His Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through Him." John 3:16-17

When we reject God, God will leave us in our sins along with sins' consequences as He did with this generation of Israelites coming out of Egypt.

God is omniscience, all-knowing! From the day Adam sinned, His plan was to save me and reconcile me to Himself!!! All I can think of is Ephesians 2:1, 4-5, "
* Once I was dead because of my disobedience and my many sins.
* But God is so rich in mercy, and He loved me so much, that even though I was dead because of my sins, He gave me life when He raised Christ from the dead.
* It is only by God’s grace that I have been saved!"

Amen! And I say, "Amen!"

Yes, Jesus loves me this I know!!! He who died heaven's gate to open wide. He will wash away my sin. Let His little child comes in!

I deserve to die and You gave Your life for mine! Your unconditional love, Your mercy and Your grace pour out to all who believe and receive You!!! Thank You!!!!!!!
Salina | Posted on: 2019-08-14 16:41:41
Amen, Salina.
Tillie | Posted on:: 2019-08-14 16:49:53
Carmen | Posted on: 2019-08-14 13:15:04
freeter | Posted on: 2019-08-14 09:53:24
Very good reflection that tunes into life as we know it. Delays in our instant world are especially incomprehensible to the modern world. Like St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross we are to have faith that all things are in God’s plan, that “there is no chance” and that the “whole of our lives...makes complete and perfect sense in God’s all-seeing eyes.” We must ask God for such a faith.
Ken | Posted on: 2019-08-14 09:17:36
Amen, Ken
Tillie | Posted on:: 2019-08-14 14:32:16
"Neither by way of spirit nor by that of senses can the sensual part of the soul know God." St.John of the Cross. The outer and inner eye may see in similitude the true nature of things as God created and find joy in them, yet it is the eternal joy to come that we are not able to fully experience in the flesh as He has promised in His Kingdom of Heaven. Just my humble opinion.
Peace be with you all!
Daniel | Posted on: 2019-08-14 09:04:13
Amen, Daniel
Tillie | Posted on:: 2019-08-14 14:32:49
Good Morning Living Faith Family, prayers for you and your families.

Your promise land is waiting for you, what is you plan following Jesus.

Tim | Posted on: 2019-08-14 08:59:49
Amen, Tim
Tillie | Posted on:: 2019-08-14 14:33:16
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