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'In Search of God'

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus turned and saw them following him and said to them, "What are you looking for?"

- John 1:38

More than I care to admit, I enter a room with a great sense of purpose, only to stop and wonder, "Wait. Why am I here? What was I looking for?"

It's a matter, then, of doing some reconstruction: I have to retrace my steps, rediscovering what brought me from there to here.

So it is with so many of my days in general. I plow through all my tasks, but at some point, a nudge comes, and perhaps I'll even stop and pay attention. That voice poses that very question: What are you looking for?

Once again, but in a more general way, I must pause in the midst of the world's noise and retrace my steps. Retrace my steps, recall where my journey started and seek the face of the One who sent me on this mission. the One who asks the question and, I once again remember, provides the answer in his very self.

Lord, I seek you in all I do today.

- Amy Welborn
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Amy, I love your writing. You have such a gift for expressing matters of faith on a level that we can all relate to. Thank you for your meditations.
Marilyn | Posted on: 2015-01-18 17:24:38
Thank you so much for your kind comment!

Amy Welborn | Posted on:: 2015-01-18 18:08:30
Amen, Richard. I am not only inspired by the words, but I am also blessed with the thoughts, encouragements and struggles that everyone shares in their comments. Let us seek the Lord together in all that we do today. Marie, may God's blessings and healing continue to be upon you today as you walk with the Lord.
Sabrina | Posted on: 2015-01-18 10:26:21
Yes Amy, we have a lot in commom and always nice to know we are not alone To all of you who commented yesterday and who are praying for me , you made me cry relieving tears of thanks and joy. In my anxiety these tears released much stress and gave me such peace. Thank you, thank you and God bless you all.
Marie | Posted on: 2015-01-18 07:21:47
I had a similar experience today. Thanks for letting me know that I'm not alone!
Sabrina | Posted on:: 2015-01-30 16:35:38
Really appreciate Living Faith! The devotionals not only stir my faith, but make me smile as they remind me that others have the same struggles.
Richard McKusic, Sr. | Posted on: 2015-01-18 04:02:29
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