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'Finding Peace'

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.

- John 14:27

There is "danger" in doing anything often, for it's easy to tune out and operate on autopilot, so to speak. We drive to work along the same route every day and sometimes arrive only to realize we remember nothing of our journey. That can be a scary experience. Our most common actions and words, however important, often become thoughtless and meaningless.
As we turn toward one another at Mass and offer a sign of peace, we have two choices. We can mutter a half-baked "peace be with you," or we can fully embrace the idea that we are Christ for one another, we are bearers of peace to those in our lives. As we give and receive "peace," we can do so with a smile and the faith that Christ really is present in the grasping of hands and exchange of words.

Jesus, may I find your peace in the person in the pew next to me.

- Steve Givens
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